Ideas to start a business from scratch for $100

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Ideas to start a business from scratch for $100

You want to start a business but need more money. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t worry. Many of us can’t start our businesses like we want to because we need more money. There’s no question that only some companies need significant investment. We’ve put together a list of some of the best business ideas you can start a business for less than $100 to help you get your business going.



Here are some of the best small businesses you can start with less than $100:

  • Social media consulting online

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others are becoming more and more critical to the daily operations of businesses of all kinds. Companies don’t know what they’re doing regarding social media marketing so you could work as a consultant from home.

  • Tutoring  

Tutoring is a great way to start a business in education that you can run from home. It’s a great business that you can start without any money. You don’t need money to start a business that helps people learn. You could start by telling people you know and trust about how essential recommendations are, or you could hand out flyers in your area.

  • Writing a blog.

It doesn’t cost much to start your blog. It’s the best way to make money online that you can trust. You can run a blog alone, from the comfort of your home, without help. Start a business in this field and you can see profit. 

  • Baby sitting 

If you like being around kids and want to do it more often, you could start a babysitting business. Taking care of other people’s kids while their parents are away is a low-risk, high-reward enterprise that doesn’t cost anything to start and good plan to start a business.

  • Design for a website

You’ve taken a risk by launching a web design company from home. Several free online tools can help people learn how to make websites and start a business. You have a few days to learn and use what you’ve learned. Startups often find designers on sites like UpWork and Fiverr that connect independent contractors with clients.

  • Home decorating 

If you are creative enough, you could help people design their homes in exchange for money. No one should try to go to school. If you are good at interior design, you should charge clients.

  • Graphic design-related services 

One of the most popular new businesses is making graphic designs that look like a professional company made them. You can learn how to use the gadgets for free by looking at online guides and tutorials and start a business in this field. You might offer logo and design help as part of your online graphic design services.

  • Pet trainer 

If you are the kind of person who is patient and polite, you can teach animals. Beginner pet owners may need help to train their animals correctly. You could offer to train their dogs for free in your backyard and this can be a good start a business.

  • Business with hotels and motels

Did you have any empty rooms in your house? You could open a bed and breakfast for about $100. You only have to pay a service fee if you book a reservation through a free service like Airbnb.

  • Editing services 

If you’re good at writing and know a lot about the language, you could help others improve their work. Businesses of all sizes need complete editing services, from small companies to medium-sized businesses. You can get paid to edit online articles, which can help to start a business  and the people who wrote them.

  • Making soap that makes money.

The demand for organic soap has grown steadily and selling an good idea to start a business.. More and more people are buying natural soaps, and you can start a soap-making business from your home with very little money.

  • ClickBank 

This company mainly sells digital goods, making it easier for new people to join (less than one hundred dollars). To start a business, create your Clickbank product, and you can start making money immediately from sales. In the same way, you can write a PDF e-book about any subject and start selling it directly.

  • Used books and sells 

Used book sales online are a way for anyone to make a living. Many people buy used books and it can be great idea to start a business. After you figure out how much you can make from each book, you can put it up for sale on eBay or another site for used textbooks.

  • Email marketing service providers

Email marketing is still popular, especially for small and new businesses. You could market your services online by writing emails that customers want to open and read. It will be your job to help small enterprises to sell themselves through email. This could be great opportunity to start a business.


Here are some businesses that can be started for less than $100. The main idea is to start a business with what you already have and slowly grow your income. To create a successful business, you must be willing to put in the time and work it takes.

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