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About Us
Pamela Quiney, CEO/Founder

Pro Grants & Proposals is a Professional Grant Writing Company founded in 2002. The founder is a noted teacher, instructor, and business owner. Pamela Quiney, who has taught in the public schools in Michigan, New Jersey, and Georgia. She has taught Adult Basic Education, Spanish, and English-as a- Second-Language, Basic Skills, Tutoring, and Bilingual-Bicultural Elementary Education.

She also founded and operated a private vocational school for ten years and a child care center in NJ with state and local grants and contracts. She is a born-again believer, who has been very successful researching and writing grants/scholarships for 20+ years.

PGP services are directed to help YOU find the grant / scholarship information you want or need for YOUR own project or personal, community or business needs, obtain grant writing information, skills, locate specific funding, decipher grant writing applications, and /or info in order to obtain funding and reach YOUR goals.

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